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Applied Nutrition - Carb X - Unflavoured (1.2kg)

Applied Nutrition - Carb X - Unflavoured (1.2kg)

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Carb-Xā„¢ Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin carbs (Cluster DextrinĀ®) are highly soluble and provide a quick source of energy. Carb-X can be used alongside Applied Nutritionā€™s BCAA and EAA formulas. Another perfect product to take in conjunction with Carb-X is Applied Nutritionā€™s i-Driveā„¢.

Carb-X is perfect for before, during, and after exercise.

Recommended Use

Mix 1 Scoop (25g) with 500ml of water in an Applied Nutrition shaker or jug and consume before, during, and after exercise for best results. Also recommended to be taken with i-Driveā„¢ for maximum results.

Nutritional Information

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