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G FUEL - Orange Vibe (280g - 40 Serv)

G FUEL - Orange Vibe (280g - 40 Serv)

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28-year-old KSI hails from London and created his first YouTube channel, JideJunior, in 2008, and launched his current channel, KSIOlajidebt, in 2009. He started building a loyal following by posting FIFA gameplay for his fans before producing vlogs and parody rap songs. KSI’s illustrious career also includes being a professional rapper with seven top 10 singles on the UK Singles Chart and an undefeated boxer. To date, the renaissance man has over 36.5 million subscribers and over 9 billion views across his two YouTube channels.  

G FUEL Orange Vibe is named after KSI’s catchy “Bad Lil Vibe” song from his best-selling debut studio album, Dissimulation. The new flavor is sugar-free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine along with proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes. Orange Vibe is G FUEL and KSI’s second co-developed flavor, after having launched G FUEL Strawberry Banana in 2019.  

“KSI’s unrelenting work ethic, passion, and energy are infectious. We’ve loved every moment of working with him over the past two years, and we’re incredibly happy to release our second flavor together,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “With its energizing and liquified orange cream ice pop flavor, G FUEL Orange Vibe is the perfect summertime beverage.”  

Recommended Use

Recommended dose is 1 serving daily and up to 3 servings max per day. Use responsibly.

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